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Chicken Souvlaki Salad

Chicken Souvlaki Salad - Catering


Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice - Catering


Greek Antipasta Salad

Greek Antipasta Salad


Chicken Stir Fry

Chicken Stir Fry

About Rez B’Haleeb Catering Services in Abu Dhabi

Rez B’Haleeb Catering Services was launched in 2014, and is essentially set to supply an entirely incorporated Catering Service adapted to the demands of your business. Initially founded to service low to medium volume Catering Contracts, we are currently capable to provide a wide range of experience taking care of all components of Contract Catering and Relative Services.

Business & Industry Catering (B&I).
Rez B’Haleeb has comprehensive experience, catering for large volumes industrial staff with tough financial restrictions. We have the capacity to provide a healthy and broad range of international menus that will fulfill ultimate requiring demands, as we consider that a properly fed staff will consequently give effective services of their own. We recognize that each contract is various and our skilled crew will develop a custom catering solution that will certainly cover up all clients’ needs.┬áRez B’Haleeb is conscious that Health & Safety (HSE) is of a primary value and our reliable and modern equipments match this properly.

Rez B’Haleeb already has Catering contracts in the following service areas:.
– Wide range Industries.
– Camp Accommodation Services.
– Corporate Hospitality & VIP Dining.
– Off Shore Companies.
– Facility Service provider.

Corporate Hospitality & VIP Dining.
Rez B’Haleeb Catering Services as well provides a qualify and excellent quality Corporate Hospitality and VIP dining service for small exceptional events or large public exposure parties. This premium department is emphasised on providing a superior quality food service either at private residencies or customer enterprise location. Rez B’Haleeb’s Executive Chef will assure that your all desires are catered for, and successfully facilitate you with selecting/ creating a superb menu for the celebration. We trust that the location and atmosphere would be similarly crucial and will recommend on locations and styles as proper.